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Technology articles from code to teams to organisational transformation by Luke Morton.

  • An introduction to trunk-based development

    31st December 2019

    Introducing trunk-based development and it's relationship to the widely used practice continuous integration. If you do continuous integration, you should be doing trunk-based development.

  • Ways of approaching Clean Architecture

    20th December 2019

    In which I ask questions about the ways that a team might approach Clean Architecture in a way you can still benefit from the productivity of a framework.

  • Why take a Clean Architecture approach to Rails?

    18th December 2019

    On the reasoning why and how you might use a Clean Architecture approach in Rails applications. Warning: it's nuanced and full of compromise.

  • Nuances in Clean Architecture

    14th December 2019

    In which I try to untangle the differences in Clean Architecture implementations.

  • Decoupling the delivery mechanism

    11th August 2018

    On the trouble you can encounter when trying to separate your domain logic from a framework like Rails.

  • Lightweight docker images for Go

    17th January 2017

    On building lightweight Docker images for Go applications.

  • Deploying a Go app on Now

    15th January 2017

    A walkthrough on how to use Docker to deploy a Go app on Zeit's Now realtime global deployment platform.

  • Business logic in Rails

    24th September 2016

    On structuring Rails apps for growth. Often a tricky area this article will walk you through a refactor and hopefully you'll walk away with a few more ideas for structuring your business logic.

  • Do the thing that hurts the most

    12th January 2016

    A story of fight over flight. Or how doing the things you're uncomfortable with can help you in the long run.

  • Feature testing in 2016

    9th January 2016

    In which I outline a strategy for Feature testing with rspec and capybara.

  • Getting better mileage out of Active Record

    12th September 2015

    In which I provide a few links to help scale the M in MVC, the ActiveRecord in rails.

  • Hiatus Over

    19th July 2015

    Where I explain what I've been up to.

  • More methods, more problems

    14th November 2013

    An explanation as to why I don't like more than one public method per class.

  • Sans framework generation

    28th September 2013

    That's right. It's time to leave your frameworks behind you.

  • IDV

    27th September 2013

    Introducing the Interaction, Data and View design pattern.

  • Interaction

    26th September 2013

    Some thoughts on application interaction. This is your application logic and controllers.

  • Data

    25th September 2013

    Some thoughts on the data triad. That is mappers, models and actions.

  • View

    24th September 2013

    Some thoughts on the view triad. That is templates, models and template engines.

  • Hashes for Data

    23rd September 2013

    This is my take on using hashes to transfer data between behaviour. You might know hashes as maps or associative arrays.

  • Data and Behaviour

    22nd September 2013

    This is my take on data and behaviour. The two intertwinning components that make our programs.

  • Taking SRP further

    21st September 2013

    This is my take on the single responsibility principle and how we can take it further.

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